SciComm 2020 Workshops

Included in the price of registration, conference attendees will get to attend their choice of three different workshops

Linking Literature and Science, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Understand how to incorporate inter-disciplinary lessons (science, math and language arts) into curriculum in meaningful ways, engage young students in long-term science investigations, and feel more comfortable with sharing science and nature and utilizing youth’s natural curiosities to create a positive learning environment.

FLIPGRID Workshop, Doane University

This workshop will walk participants through the development of a “script”/elevator pitch for a 90-second video that will introduce themselves, their science, and unanswered questions in the field using accessible, jargon-free language. Participants will become familiar with the video platform Flipgrid that will be used to record the videos. Participants must bring an internet-enabled device (either laptop or smartphone).

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