SciComm 2022 will be virtual (with some in-person events), August 17-19. All times listed are CDT.

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** Attendees will receive Zoom links to SciComm events via email on Tuesday, August 16. **

Hosted by the UNL CSMCE

Welcome to SciComm 2022 from UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green:

The SciComm committee thanks our contributing sponsors for their generous support in making this event possible:

our mission

  1. Train scientists, educators, journalists and the public in effective science communication
  2. Disseminate cutting-edge research, tools, evaluation instruments, programs, and activities for science learning and evaluation inside and outside of classrooms.
  3. Forge new connections between university instructors, discipline-based education researchers, K-12 teachers, informal and formal science learning sites (e.g. museums, libraries), science learning researchers and evaluators, and science disseminators (e.g. science writers, film makers).
  4. Engage with the public, policy makers, and people who use science communication in a diversity of careers.
  5. Provide opportunities for practitioners of science communication to implement communication strategies and receive critical feedback.

Key Areas of Focus
Key Areas of Focus

Informal STEM Learning

Engaging students and the general public through informal activities conducted outside of the classroom.

Science Communication Research

Discovering the best methods to ensure that your audience engages with and retains scientific communications.



Supporting the effective dissemination of scientific information and investigative skills in K-12 classrooms.

Disciplinary-Based Education Research

Facilitating student comprehension and retention of scientific concepts.

Science and Media

Enabling collaboration between  scientists and science communicators in today’s dynamic media environment.

Broader Impacts

Helping scientists determine the best way to expand the reach of their work.

Featured Speakers

Talks will be given on all things SciComm - formal and informal education, research, broader impacts, science and media, DBER, etc.


Register today for 2022's conference on August 17-19.


SciComm 2022 will offer a series of workshops, formal talks, an opportunity to present and receive feedback on your outreach activities and more!

effective communication.

Communicating Science for Learning and Engagement: Sharing Science in a Polarized World

 A conference dedicated to understanding and promoting effective communication of science to diverse audiences – including students of all levels as well as the general public – across all venues.


Your choice of four workshops! Workshops will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 17, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT. Attend as many as you can, though some do overlap. Look for an RSVP form before the conference.


The conference will contain four keynotes, six featured speakers, and more than a dozen breakout discussions.


Forge collaborations during the conference with entertainment and networking (in person and virtual).

SciComm 2022 Film Festival

A chance to present your research to the public and get feedback from conference participants.

Main Zoom Events

bringing communicators together

SciComm was initiated as a one-day symposium in 2015 led by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Program of Excellence Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Matthew Wilkins. 

In 2018, UNL transformed SciComm into a two-day professional conference that attracted attendees from across the country. Following its success, Kansas State University asked to partner with UNL and the two universities are now working together to alternate the conference between campuses yearly. In 2022, UNL is proud to host SciComm once again. We hope to make it the biggest and best SciComm yet!

Our goal is to make SciComm a leading conference for practitioners, researchers, and partners of science communication.

Join us at SciComm 2022!

Are you a scientist looking to expand your broader impacts? An educator hoping to improve your presentation of complex scientific ideas? A journalist focused on scientific research? SciComm 2022 is a conference designed to bring together a diverse group of science communicators for the purpose of collaboration, discussion, and dissemination of new ideas.

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