Community Science Festival

The science festival will be an opportunity for scientists to implement, and potentially evaluate, their informal science activities for the Nebraska public. It will be fashioned after the University of Nebraska State Museum’s Dinosaur’s and Disasters eventSunday with a Scientist , and Eight-Legged Encounters (see video below).

Scientists will be positioned at tables throughout the museum where they will engage museum participants in science-focused learning through engaging, hands on activities or demonstrations.

This is a unique opportunity for scientists (e.g. PIs of National Science Foundation grants with Broader Impacts) to bring their science communication materials to a large public audience. Importantly, it is also an opportunity for scientists at various career stages who are wanting to develop informal science activities to engage in activities developed by others and to talk with other scientists about their experiences developing informal science learning programs.

A competition will be held for the most engaging and informative activity.

Eight-Legged Encounters

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