Lightning Videos & Short Films Festival, SciComm 2020

Mark your calendars! The synchronous award ceremony will be held on Friday, 14th August 2020, at 7 p.m CDT.

The perfect opportunity for high school, undergraduate, graduate students and everyone else to showcase their SciComm productions to a broad audience and receive valuable feedback from expert judges.

Participants may submit videos for either one or both the competitions (although the same video cannot be submitted for both competitions). The videos should be in English or have English subtitles and preferably be submitted in a .mp4 format accompanied by a short synopsis describing the video (max: 150 words).

– Submission deadline: 3rd August 2020.
– The judges and the audience will be able to view and vote on the submissions from August 7 to 13 2020.
– On Friday, 14th August 2020, at 7 pm (CDT), we will get together virtually to announce the winners, enjoy the top-rated videos and engage in a Q&A with the judges and the videographers.

Lightning Videos

Are you a high-school/undergraduate/graduate student of science and want

… to practice describing your research to your friends and family?
… to generate awareness or a public call-to-action about a topic you’re passionate about?
… to persuade a broader audience why scientific research should be supported?

SciComm lightning videos is the stage for you! Challenge yourself to explain a STEM topic to a non-scientific audience in less than 3 minutes!

Talk titles along with a brief abstract (max. 150 words) should be submitted along with the conference registrations. Awards will be given for the ‘Audience’s Choice’ and ‘Judge’s Choice’ videos in each of the three categories (high-school, undergraduate and graduate).

Short Films

Are you more comfortable behind the camera, where your science story can unfold on a screen? Then consider submitting a short film that communicates a scientific topic to a broad audience! Films must be less than 10 minutes in length and should be submitted along with a brief abstract (max. 150 words) with conference registration. Awards will be given out for the best entries!

Entries from SciComm 2018

Judge’s Choice 1st Place – Science with Kennen: Kennen Hutchison, Northwestern University

Judge’s Choice 2nd Place – Hidden Forest: Laura Vander Meiden, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Audience’s Choice 1st Place – An Introduction to Bird Banding: Amber Schiltz, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Audience’s Choice 2nd Place – What happens if the Earth Warms by 2°C: Jason Lederman, Popular Science

Watershed: Emma Brinley Buckley, University of Nebraska at Kearney

The Meiklejohn Lab: Abhilesh Dhawanjewar, University of Nebraska

Scott’s Science: Ryan Fuller, University of Chicago

Scientists in “Cars” Getting Coffee: Rudy Villegas, University of Nebraska

One Minute Science: Sparrow Song: Emily Hudson (University of
Nebraska, Lincoln) and Dr. Matt Wilkins (Vanderbilt University)

Quickly Moving Membranes: Dr. Rebecca Roston, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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