Dione Rossiter, Ph.D.Executive Director for Science at Cal, UC Berkeley

    Workshop 1 – Recognizing Systemic Racism in Science Communication

    Wednesday, August 18, 11am-12:30pm CDT (Zoom)

    The importance of increasing public understanding of scientific issues, like the environment and health, is rising. As a result, scientists are learning the importance of making their work more accessible. But at the same time, there are still marginalized communities that aren’t well served by mainstream science media and traditional educational systems. In addition, women and people of color are faced with long-lived cultural and societal prejudices that perpetuate inequality. By directly involving specific communities in the science communication processes, addressing issues of increasing importance to the communities, and presenting scientific role models and spokespersons from within those communities, we can begin to ensure that science communication and education really are available and accessible to all.

    Dione Rossiter, Ph.D., is a Science Communication, Engagement, Marketing, Education and Outreach Specialist who has previously worked with non-profits, universities, and for-profit businesses to improve their science engagement efforts. She is currently the Executive Director for Science at Cal, a program that shares the excitement and relevance of UC Berkeley research with public audiences by creating opportunities for the UC Berkeley STEM community to engage with the public.

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